Wall Art In Prints On Canvas
Our wall art is mainly from our Aussie Photo collection of photos and graphics.
www.aussiephoto.com  Our wall art will mainly be in size AO which are large striking wall art presentations to make your blank wall area come a alive with colour and give you a modern art view to brighten up your home or office. Most of our works are graphic art works and representations of specific artistic subjects. We'll be selling all manner of stock photos and special photographic graphic works. Below are just some of the samples of our art works we hope to offer. We film and design nearly all of these works to bring you something different.
We also produce Australian Pictorials - www.australianpictorials.com and have one of the largest Australian town photo collections in existence having filmed nearly all Australian towns. Visit the website and see the work we've done as its all free to view. Our photos have been used in books, advertising, films and much more.
Here's just one sample of our canvas artworks in AO size - 841mm x 1189mm. The cost for any of these has been reduced to only $     each from our place of business. These are originals from our own designs and are sold as flat canvas prints. We roll them up for you at time of purchase. You can have them framed or you can make a timber backing frame at a lower cost. You're buying these wholesale direct so you save by buying these very durable canvas works from us. Plus at the same time you'll have a large work of art that will liven up any wall space. They all come with a border and some variable excess as you can see.  We leave that as is for framing purposes.

Technical Details:
Printed with Outdoor/Archive Grade pigment ink.
If using outdoors for extended periods over 1 month, you should apply protection to prints or sew edge hemmings to prevent fraying.
The 50+ Year Ink Colour Lifespan is quoted for prints displayed indoors and protected under the most optimal conditions.
Printed on synthetic 'Poly-fiber reinforced photo-resin canvas'.
Inspired by aerospace carbon fiber technology, it is among the best in the printing industry; high definition, super strong, fade/water resistant,
lightweight, foldable and ironable to remove creases.
Note: Sizes may vary on some works but the average is AO size - 841mm x 1189mm.

Priced now at $    each.

The video below shows samples of the artworks on offer from our original collection and are all priced the same for on canvas reduced to $   each.
Actual photos of some canvas wall art in our display stands in our warehouse factory. Huge AO Size Canvas Wall. Come and see what we have in our collection of original wall art and make your wall come alive. Fill that bare area with some modern art priced at only $     wholesale direct to you. Make that blank wall a talking point.
      Our Art Designs
My Johnny B collection of art that I've produced is some of the most unique works of art you'll find anywhere. There's well over 180 huge canvas works of art on display around our warehouse building walls and on special made racks to hold these huge works of art all around 841 mm x 1189 mm in approx. AO size. I'm Johnny B and its also my fashion label name for other products I produce.

My production of art varies from my special effect photos to the massive individual detail of my native art collection featuring dugong's, kangaroo's, turtles, goanna's, and wombats etc. Yes I design all these too. You can buy one of my original Johnny B Canvas Prints to display on your walls to bring that wall alive.
I've tried to keep my original art works affordable so I wholesale these direct to the public at only $   each. For a huge canvas work of art print like this it is indeed very good value. The canvas is very durable too.
Please Note: The wall art prices in this video are for the unframed print versions. We will be adding the cost of framing to that at our new 性视频,黄色短视频 Premises.